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Lisa M. Canini

Full stack developer passionate about making easy-to-use, accessible and responsive user interfaces

While working in a public library, I have helped thousands of hesitant computer users interact with poorly designed websites. The more I learn programming, the more I see this as unacceptable. The point of most websites is to bring information to their users.

I aspire to design websites that remove barriers to accessing information and make that information readily available to everyone. I am experienced with HTML/CSS/JavaScript, React, MongoDB, Node and more after completing an intensive 13-month mastery-based program at Lambda School.


Here are a few of my recent projects. All of my projects are fully responsive for all viewports.

Movie Time Machine

Movie Time Machine

A time machine app that returns movies from The Movie DB API given a search year.

React | CSS | The Movie DB API | Netlify | React-Bootstrap | Github | Jest Testing

Book finder

Book Finder

A book searching app created using the Google Books API.

React | CSS | Google Books API | Netlify | React-Bootstrap | Github | W3 Compliant

Knowledge Rocket

Knowledge Rocket

A full stack web application for educators created with a small team.

  • 5 person team
  • Implemented over 8 weeks on part time schedule
  • Worked heavily in front end design, consistency and responsiveness

React | Redux | CSS | Django | Python | SQLite3 | Netlify | Heroku | Git / Github

Lambda Notes

A full stack note taking application.

React | Redux | LESS | MongoDB | Mongoose | Netlify | Heroku | Git / Github


Lisa is a valuable member of any team. She has great curiosity and the resolve to find solutions. While her focus is in front end development, Lisa has a full stack education in order to better understand what makes a site work and how she can make it better.

  • React
  • Works well solo or with a team
  • HTML & CSS
  • Excellent Google-fu
  • JavaScript
  • Prince fan

Contact Me

Whether you wish to work with me or just want to chat about Prince or programming, I'd love to hear from you.